Introducing Bidaal Technology

Nitish Mishra
3 months ago
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Bidaal Technology is a next-generation Indian Company providing Indigenous solutions to the mining industry. These solutions consist of IoT, hardware,  information technology, business consulting and outsourcing services.

The company management team is enthusiastic to bring innovation and is taking the path of capitalizing the business opportunity present in digitizing mines like illumination surveying & planning, mine planning & designing, modelling, compliance management and increasing safety of workers & avoiding a machine to machine & machine to man interaction by smart traffic management and proximity alarming system. Bidaal’s products and services will help companies to make mining a better place and quality indigenous solutions will create the ecosystem of sustainable development. Product and services will shorten the time to operation cycle for mining companies. This will create tremendous business opportunities in the mining and their allied companies.

We all live in the material world and every industry uses these resources for making people's lives better. From tiny needle to giant rocket, all made up from material extracted from the earth. The extraction of material has been going up at a faster rate than the population across the globe. Here the mining industry comes into the picture who is responsible for satisfying the appetite of material around the world population to innovate.

Mining Industry

Mining Industry

Solving the problem has always been an opportunity and We have diversity in thinking and doing in our people which help us all to reinvent the possible ways. Your ambition and passion to renovate the whole mining industry always encourage us. Our research and development (R&D) centre run on the core key value for continuous integration of innovation with our products used in the mining industry to save your precious time and money with increased safety.

Bidaal technology designs industry electronics, software, and hardware. Some of the products in companies basket are WISE  (Web-enabled Illumination Surveying Equipment), MORE (Mapping of Oxygen Resources and Estimation), DAKSH (Data Acquisition for Kinematics of Slope Hampering), SMILE( Smart Management In Land-vehicle Equipment) and PAWs( Proximity alarming system) for HEMMs. These products aim to reinvent the existing system, decrease human error and save time & money. We work on the principle of innovation which leads mining companies to the path of progress.

Exploring Ideas

Exploring Ideas

New Initiatives :

We don’t only sell products but also leverage them as a service for the mining industry and all the allied companies. We provide services in illumination surveys and planning, geotagging trees and data collection. This will empower the industry to be more flexible, robust and give scope to increase productivity. 

Also, seeing the companies thirst to reinvent the mining industry, we launched the Bi-Solution platform, where your company and we collaborate to solve your particular problem using advanced technology.

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