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This boasts industries to collaborate
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What is Bi-Solution?

We here understand the needs of mining industry to collaborate with right partners to develop their mines. Bi-Solution is the platorm for them to channelize the project looking for solution to solve their particular problem. These problem cause them inefficiency in production activites and safety issues. We are team of experts in our respective field who focus on quality solution providing.

Our Experience

Industrial Internet of Things

From industry 4.0, we leverages the power of IIoT to run the mining opertions smartly by using real time analytics, we take the advantage of data to fulfil the needs of mines to become digitized.

Software Solutions

Softwares to fulfil your daily operation need will save time and money. We at Bidaal provide you computer system software or application software which will make you more digitally efficient.

Mining Engineering

Experienced in different field of mining engineering provides an opportunity for us to understand your problem better. This industry deals with some difficult environment in the world and extract materials from underneath, above or on the ground.

Data Cloud & Analytics

Provinding tools for collection, storage and managing data from devices & software will give you an edge on decision making for your organization. We provide solution to use the data efficiency to foster the prodution process.

First ever platform which develop hardware/IoT/Software solution for mining industry to solve their problem along the integration of innovation. Having team of expert engineers and veteran in respective field will enable us to increase the safety & efficiency using technology

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