Bidaal Leadership

Board of Directors

Khanindra Pathak's photo

Khanindra Pathak


Khanindra Pathak is the former director of Coal India Limited with experience of 25+ years in the mi...

Rishi Kant Rajpoot's photo

Rishi Kant Rajpoot


Rishi is motivated to change the picture of the mining industry using tech-driven innovation. He is...

Executive Profile

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Nitish Mishra

Nitish graduated from IIT Kharagpur with masters in financial engineering degree, have an experience...

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Kalash Nibijya

Kalash is a hardware engineer studying from IIT Kharagpur . He is well experienced in electronics an...

Raj Shekhar Dev's photo

Raj Shekhar Dev

Raj from IIT Kharagpur has an interest in web technologies. The primary choice of language is PHP al...

Radhika Agrawal's photo

Radhika Agrawal

Radhika is another emerging technocrat from IIT Kharagpur in the field of software development. With...

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