Geotagging Service

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Geotagging for Industries

Geotagging of trees and sapling

Data Handling and Processing

Map and Report Generation

Geotagging for Commercial Plantation

Bringing your plants to online map

Data Handling and Processing

Scheduling of Cropping cycle

Optimization of water, fertilizer and time

Map and Report Generation

Featured Benefits

Deforestation has always been a negative thing for our nature. This leads the government to make a duty of companies to do afforestation after their buisness activites like mining etc. Lack of such geotagging facilities can make this whole process hectic for buisness. This involves geotagging the trees and maintainence after a specific period.


Our service involves conducting the on-site surveying, data handling, on-site geotagging mapping and customized report generation. This way you don't need to hire and maintain any arrangement.

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