Feel safe and secured while crossing roads in mines

Automated detection and signalling

You heard so many times about the accidents due to Man-Machine or Machine-Machine interactions at junctions, crossings and sharp-curves.
Now Audio-Visual Alarm to make an alert is with your Vehicle operators.


Wireless communication

Reduce the cumbersome electrical and civil construction work for installation because it uses the magic of wireless sensor nodes(WSN).

Path priority selection

Maintain the flow of traffic in heavy industries according to the need of transportation-production cycle.


Minimum False Alert

Why hear the unnecessary noise or bear to see the signal?
System is smart enough to distinguish between evident & induced activity to reduce the false signal generation.

Warning at Pedestrian crossings

Creating an alert for pedestrians is also important at crowded places to keep your employees safe from HEMMs.


Recording the Near-Misses

System stores the near-miss incidents to get the frequency for training purposes. It is beneficial for your safety department.

Remote troubleshooting

No need to disassemble the system components or detaching the power supply for maintenance purpose. Because it's IoT so you will get every error at your nearest PC.


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