State-of-the-art Traffic Management System

Reduce the congestion, improve the traffic flow and avoid collisions

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Complete system of SMILE

Smart Management In Land-vehicle Equipemnt ( S.M.I.L.E )

How it works?

Traffic Flow Optimization

Ease the congestion and reduce the slowdowns. Automating the signals at road intersections speeds up the commute times and increase the productivity of transportation

Collision Avoidance. Road Safety

Intelligent signalling avoid the unwanted collision at intersection. Prevent the fatal accidents to save more lives.

Traffic analysis

Get real time data collected from all junction at single dashboard. It help to plan the flow and need of infrastructure to improve the logistics. Ealier detection would lead to better prevention.

Camera enabled Violation Detection

Penalizing the lawbreaker always necessary for successful implementation of any solution. We integrate our camera based system to detect the culprit’s vehicle, number plate and short clip. Violation includes:

  1. Over speeding
  2. Red Light Violation
  3. Wrong Lane Detection
  4. Stray Parking

Plan Ahead. Smooth Transportation

Better Coordination

Cultural change in following rules bring better coordination between management and drivers for increasing productivity

Feel Safe on Roads

Worker will feel more in industrial complexes inbetween heavy trucks. Let workers smile while crossing the roads.

Maximum Output

Safeworkplace is a need along increasing the productivity. Less congestion reduce the commute time.

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