Digital mapping for Illumination Surveying & Planning

Improve lighting, reduce power cost and manage illumination compliances.

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Harware and Dashboard of WISE

Web-enabled Illumination Survey Equipment ( W.I.S.E )

How it works?

Quick and Easy Surveying

Making the efficient way of collecting the illumination data. It works in 2 ways, surveyer have roam around the area which need to be surveyed continuouly via either mounting the device on vehicle or by ownself.

Digital Illumination Mapping

Cloud based application for quick mapping of data collected in field. This is a matter of few clicks.

Dark & Overbright Zone Idetification

Improper lighting bring safety issues and over consuming of lights bring engery bills. WISE bringing visibility and planning for proper lighting.

Automated Compliant Digital Reporting

Ease the whole process to being compliant makes company safe and productive for the workers. Make customized reports according to your business requirements for reporting.

AI-enabled Illumination Planning

Planning of lighting is the most critical part and is the purpose of the illumination surveying.

Current surveying data is not sufficient for the planning due to inaccuracy, prone to error and manual discrete data aquisition.

AI enabled planning over continuous aquired data will unlock the hidden opportunity for safe and productive industrial complex.

Plan Illumination. Be Compliant

Save Surveying Time

Complete the jouney from survey to reporting with hours instead of weeks.

Reduce Hazardous Incidents

Worker will feel more in industrial complexes in workplace with proper lighting.

Complaince Management

Help to develop the customized reports to fulfil the compliance according to the authorized body.

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