Complete Solution for Illumination Surveying and Planning

Digital Data Acquisition

Capturing survey data becomes very difficult when it comes to manual. To save your time, we redefined the way, where user can take data discretely/continuously.


Automated Mapping System

Visualise the acquired bundle of data on a map and decide where you need lights. It just takes in one click to use our software platform.

Insights from your data

Easily identify dark and over illuminated spots. Now it will be easier to make decisions where you need light and where you can reduce the cost.


Graphical User Interface

First ever system which can give you automation using Industrial-IoT for high adaptability.

Custom Report Generator

Making a report manually and submitting it to the administration takes a lot of time and manpower. What if we will do it for you and with you using our software in minimal clicks.


Web Application

Internet connectivity gives power and this will use for regular update and providing service quickly

Go WISE to redefine
your illumination mapping

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